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Inward Booking from Geneva to Morzine only 25 Euros
Outward Booking from Morzine to Geneva only 25 Euros
Return Booking to/from Geneva and back again only 25 Euros each way
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For all other enquiries: info@morzexpress.com


We appreciate our customers and value your business, so we've created a unique opportunity that gives FREE, or discounted, transfers to everyone who uses our airport transfer service.

A simple way to save money

The more airport transfers you book with us, the greater your discount. Register now and your account begins building reward points immediately.


  • Save Money
    Frequent travellers and chalet/hotel operators can qualify for FREE transfers.
  • Save Time
    The online booking process for Registered Customers is quicker, with less personal information to enter.
  • Reward Points
    One seat purchased = 3 points
    30 points = Free Transfer!

To redeem your reward points for a free transfer simply choose to redeem your points at the checkout stage. Your total points available are displayed each time you log into your account with us.

Note: You must make sure you log-in when booking to receive your points! and remember, you will only accrue points by making an on-line booking. Telephone bookings are excluded from receiving or redeeming reward points.


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